I can barely contain my excitement as i share with you the photos of my launching event of the Glamrenaissance.com! A project that was conceived two years ago and has finally come to life!

The supremely elegant italian restaurant “Il Borro”  was the venue for the party as Italy is a very important part of my creative journey and will always be my eternal inspiration and my second home.

Inspired by the Leonardo Da Vinci’s “the last supper”-one of the most iconic paintings of Renaissance-the setting was really artistic and represented my vision of a truly elegant fashion moment!

Fresh fruits & vegetables surrounded by candles and pots with brushes and colors created a warm atmosphere and set the mood for a dazzling soirée!

And the Glam Renaissance girls who have a love affair with fashion seated around the dining table  looked like real guests among the crowd.. unique, fashion forward and ready to be the center of attention!

 What better way to start a fashion fantasy like this?





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