Announcing the ultra violet as a colour of the year, Pantone released the palette of the 2018 spring- summer that will dominate the catwalks. Get ready for the most trendy colours, with nuances going from lavender to pink and from vibrant red to hot chocolate!Cherry tomato a vibrant and tempestuous orangey red that exudes heat and passion. Very bold and energetic demands attention.

Blooming Dalia alluring and feminine beckons us with its understated appealUltra violet the colour of the year according the Pantone, a shades that always fascinates. Communicates originality, ingenuity and symbolises experimentation.

Pink Lavender it will dominate this summer season. Soft and romantic purple-pink colour that charms with its soothing sense of quiescence.Meadow lark an energising bright yellow will bring joy and will illuminate your days like a sunshine. Best combination is with ultra violet.

Lime punch sharp and pungent hits a chord with its strident and striking citrus like presence.Little boy blue think clear skies, this azure blue shade reassures us with a promise of a new day.

Almost mauve gentle like a flower and delicate adds a sense of nostalgia to the palette.

Emperador rich chocolate brown adds strength and substance to the palette. Intense and enveloping is impossible to resist

Chili oil earthy brown based red that adds a spicy definition to the outfits.

Arcadia cool and clean is a green shade with blue undertones, give a fresh perspective to any ensemble

Spring crocus flamboyant and tantalising this purple- fuchsia summons you in with its beguiling charm.

Head to toe ensembles will dominate this season, monochrome is the key to be on trend so feel empowered to use more colour to inspire and influence!


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