Inspired by the themes and colors of the fashion world, the Berkeley legendary designer afternoon tea, is a delightful experience. The name of the tea is a clever play on the phrase pret-a-porter which refers to ready to wear clothing within the fashion industry.

A creative twist to the traditional English afternoon tea, with cakes & pastries resembling the latest catwalk trends from the collections of the top fashion houses.

This season the inspiration comes from an array of distinguished fashion designers and the creative brilliance of their Spring/Summer 2017 collections. With a myriad of vibrant colours combined with fashion’s graphic lines and ruffles, expect a fun and flirty cakewalk..

Dolce & Gabbana’s pasta-print midi dress is transformed into a hazelnut daquoise with praline croquant and Gianduja chocolate mousse, finished with a fun farfalle.

Charlotte Olympia’s high-kicking Chiquita banana heel steps out as a biscuit worthy of Carmen Miranda while Gucci’s sable’ breton jumper strides out as pink summer berry candy floss with rhubarb mousse, accentuated with a golden sugar bow.

This is where the Berkeley really stands out from the crowd, as the creativity is unlike the most other afternoon tea experiences in London and the unique interpretations are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste-buds.

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