Here we are again to the strongest comeback of the season and remember those type of trousers that make your legs look longer and leaner..

Similar to leggings  this is the  type of pants that tapers at the ankle except that the material extends to a band that is worn under the arch of the foot.

Originally were first used as a breeches for horse riders and the purpose of the strap under the foot was to hold the pant legs in place in the boots.

After the Balenciaga, Versace and many other catwalks these pants have crept into the mainstream and look set to stay. They can replace your every day jeans for an edgy and more stylish alternative.

So, how we style it for 2018?

We  pair them with the new slash shoe, the sexiest update of the glove style shoe that dominated footwear this season, a long sweater or sweatshirt and add oversized earrings..

Or if you want to go for an impeccable menswear tailoring style wear them with an oversized blazer and a statement bag..

Feel more feminine? wear them under an asymmetric floral dress and statement stilettos for an edgy yet romantic style..


It’s just up to you how you want to show it off..

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