T-shirts are very essential and vital trend for the denim nation, for they are must-haves if one wishes to pull off an edgily rebellious statement with a nonchalant glamour. Here is a trick to really amplify the rebel effects, and play up a vibe that is vibrantly bold and glamorously sassy.

If you ‘re a basic girl and immensely proud of your t-shirt collection, don’t let yourself miss out on the raging chicness of a hand-painted t-shirt. These beauties are a delightful burst of color that are having a huge moment on the trend radar this season. You see, you can play up hand-painted tees to not only look edgy and fashion forward, but more importantly, to channel a new mood and vibe every single day. The most exciting is that each one of them  is so completely unique because it can never be the same!

You can style them up with your sharp formal blazers to give your work-mode statement an edgy joint of chicness , with your maxi skirts for a bohemian attitude, bomber jackets, leather staples and thigh high slits to really amplify the rebel effects.



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