The name “toile de jouy” stems from the village of Jouy-en-Josas south of Versailles, where the fabric was manufactured & where the Toile de Jouy museum now perpetuates the story. The fabric has come to epitomise french  savoir faire & art de vivre in matters of decoration and is reproduced today by prestigious houses around the world.The story starts in 18th century in France. Originally they were scenes carved on wood blocks or engraved on cooper printed in one colour into a white or cream background. Toile prints were the perfect medium for spreading not only populist themes but political messages & recording historic events too.. one by Huet showed off France’s scientific advancement with scenes from the first hot-air balloon flight in 1784 and other toiles featured images of Colonial expansion with sailing ships landing in tropical islands and negotiating with tribal leaders.

Traditionally a toile was monochromatic, created with one ink colour printed atop a white or ivory background. Deep red, blue and black were classic toile colours but others including yellow and green were also used.A key motif this year has been given a modern makeover from the Dior house and the collections are really elegant. Exquisite  jackets with tulle skirts dominate the catwalk and add a fresh air of sophistication.A transformative power of a perfectly cut from our collection  “Toile de jouy” blazer makes it a non negotiable summer essential this season. An effortless way to elevate a denim or add style to an elegant silk slip dress.


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