Simply put, glamour is the act of causing attraction through a combination of fashion and charm. Renaissance literally is the  rebirth, the resurgence, the renewal. Glam Renaissance is formed and means the rebirth of glam. In other words is a fashion brand renowned for inventing ways or ideas to make people look fashionably glamorous and explore their individuality.

However,the focus on this article shall be on fashion. Fashion can be said to be an art because it involves the creation of something new. What most people don’t know is that fashion is the ultimate daily form of self -expression. It provides a voice and a way to stand out in the world and tell your visual story.The world of fashion has witnessed continuous evolution over the years which has resulted in the birth of so many designers. Of the numerous fashion designers that have been birthed, Glam Renaissance is a brand that symbolizes the very best of fashion creativity and styling services.


From powerful and bold hand-painted tops and  glamorous statement jackets to useful styling tips and inspiring fashion moodboards our world is playful, eccentric and totally fascinating! Promise to take you on an adventure!


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