While browsing through numerous pictures of fashion bloggers and editors is something that gives you tremendous happiness and satisfaction, finding the look that will work for you instead of wanting to dress exactly like someone else will always be the right option.

There are a few simple steps that can make your life easier when you shop and create the wardrobe that works for you and meet the demands of your everyday lifestyle.

1. Identify your  basic-body shape (line, proportions, scale and detail)

2. Identify the colours that work for you (since that makes the initial impact)

3. Identify your lifestyle & personality

Line, proportion, scale and detail means that you need to choose the fabrics that complement your line, the type of pattern that works for your line and the style you need to complement your proportions.

Colour https://glamrenaissance.com/colour-analysis/can affect your mood and your energy levels profoundly and it also affects how others view you so it is important to know how colours need to be combined to work with your natural colouring.

Lifestyle & personality means that you choose the clothing that will be appropriate for your lifestyle & the personality they require – classic, contemporary or high trend.

4. Create mood boards that works for you is always a great option that helps you having a visual understanding of what you need to shop and saves you money every time you are ready to hit the stores!

5. Investment buys :  essential items such as LBD’s white shirts, pencil skirts, tailored blazers, classic coats, luxury bags are long lasting pieces that when made from high quality material will stay in your closet for years.

6. Find a ‘uniform’ that suits you and that you can play with it.For me a t-shirt & jeans works well, while adding accessories like a statement jacket, earrings, headbands can take the look out of the ordinary and make it playful.

We have all seen her and gawked with admiration – and not without a little envy. She needn’t be beautiful, nor dressed in anything we couldn’t imagine for ourselves. But her clothes are a brilliant orchestration of colour and texture, fabric and fit, sensibility and style. And she wears them like a badge – they don’t wear her. Her style is unmistakably her own. Her personal style is her personal uniform”.

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